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Programmable Guillotines PG 115
Programmable Guillotines PG 115
Programmable Guillotines PG 92 AND PG 115
Salient Features :
» One of the fastest Guillotines in the world with a mechanical cutting speed of 47 cuts per minute
» The only Guillotine to use a pendulum action on the knife carriage bar which guarantees minimal absorption of energy by working parts resulting in reduced wear and easy accessibility for maintenance of the knife carriage and related functions
» The hydraulic unit is dedicated to maintaining clamp height eliminating the need for counteracting springs
» CNC controlled closed loop mechanism for accurate positioning of back-gauge eliminating the need of the electromagnetic brake mounted on the ball screw axis
» The front face of the clamp has a protective insert to prevent the blade grazing or interfering with clamp face
» Back-gauge position accuracy to + 0.04 mm
» 99 Program channels. Program execution possible either in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes
» Stainless steel cladding on table for surface protection
Major Specifications :
  PG 115
  mm Inches
Cutting width 1150 45 3/10
Clamp opening 165 6 5/10
Minimum cut without false clamp 22 0.860
Speed of mechanical cut/minute 47 47
Hydraulic pressure 150-4500 kgs 330-9900 lbs
Space occupied 2350 x 2610 92 x 102
Total power 6.7 kW 9 HP
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